Environmentally Responsible Results

Established in 2013 and headquartered in Houston, TX, XRI is the leading full-cycle water management and produced water midstream company with advanced water treatment technologies and recycling frameworks.

We are an integrated infrastructure business that owns and operates more than a dozen geographically dispersed recycling facilities with approximately 300 miles of permanent, large-diameter pipelines augmented by technologically advanced water treatment and recycling assets. 

Bringing deep expertise and industry-leading water solutions, including large-scale water treatment, produced water reuse and recycling facilities, we have a 750,000 barrel per day capacity, and regularly - effectively and safely - manage over 500,000 barrels of water per day.

We partner with you long-term as your most reliable water solution provider for oil & gas development, and provide environmentally responsible results to the entire industry through our economical, dependable, safe and environmentally-friendly solutions.

“XRI is at the forefront of reshaping water management in the energy industry through sustainable and economic water reuse solutions.”

CEO Matt Gabriel