Safety first

At XRI, nothing is of greater importance than safety. Safety at XRI is founded upon the concept that every person is a safety officer, empowered to recognize and correct any unsafe actions that affect themselves and others. Underpinning this principle is a robust and formal corporate process, led by senior management, that relies on the development and enforcement of detailed policies and procedures.

We don’t compromise our focus on health, safety and environmental (HS&E) for better business results. We believe our dedication to safety results in minimizing environmental impacts, controlling risks to employees and providing a culture where all employees take personal ownership of their own safety and the safety of others.

To that end, at XRI, we commit to:

  • Meet or exceed all relevant HS&E laws and regulations and apply responsible standards where laws and regulations do not exist.
  • Empower our employees to make safety a daily priority. Each person employed by the company, no matter in what capacity, has the authority and responsibility to ensure safety comes first in their job, their work environment and even at home.
  • Develop and communicate HS&E objectives throughout the company so that all employees understand their individual responsibilities and are appropriately trained to carry out these objectives.
  • Verify performance through robust audits and communication of key learnings.

XRI’s goal is simple: ZERO. Our efforts are focused on achieving zero HS&E incidents every day, all the time. The following life rules are part of our safety culture.

Control of Work

All work, including changes, must be risk assessed.

Fit to Work

You must be fit and able to do your job safely.


Always wear required personal protective equipment.


Make sure all energy sources are isolated and energy released before working on a piece of equipment.

Working at Heights

Protect yourself against a fall when working at heights.

Chemical Safety

Make sure you know how to handle, store and dispose of any chemicals or hazardous substances you are working with.

Confined Spaces

Never enter a confined space unless trained and authorized to do so.


Rigging and lifting processes and equipment must be planned, controlled and suitable for the job.


Always follow the traffic rules and laws of the road, wear seatbelts and drive within speed limits.