Water Sourcing & Supply

Sourcing and Development of Non-Potable and Sustainable Water Sources

XRI is committed to delivering social, environmental as well as industry-leading benefits to our customers through the use of non-potable sources of water in lieu of fresh water sources. XRI is the industry leader in providing reliable supplies of low-cost, non-potable water to meet our customers’ specific requirements for use in oil and gas operations.

XRI is focused on securing and developing large-scale water sources to serve our customers’ well completion needs. XRI serves our customers by:

  • Developing non-potable source water wells on fee-owned land and on land controlled through long-term partnerships
  • Cultivating long-term sourcing agreements with industrial partners
  • Engineering and building multi-customer Water Exchange Terminals™ to takeaway, treat and return high volumes of water to the wellsite for reuse