Water Treatment & Recycling

Put Your Wastewater to Work

Water management is a top tier issue for most oil and gas producers.

During more than 20 years in the oil patch, we have treated and recycled produced water in most major North American shale plays. Fountain Quail Water Management's proprietary water treating and reuse systems, ROVER™, SCOUT™ and MAVREX™ are safe, reliable and rugged. We also work with our customers to customize our solutions to meet specific needs. Contact us if you require a solution not immediately seen here. 

Battle-tested in major shale plays by leading operators, Fountain Quail’s technologies cut water-specific operating costs by at least 30% and up to 80%. We put your wastewater to work for the lowest possible price, making your water operations increasingly self-sufficient and environmentally responsible through safe, reliable chlorine dioxide treatment and/or recycling technologies that turn your produced water into a clean, reusable asset.

Improving Water Economics In Shale Plays

Fountain Quail’s ROVER™, SCOUT™ and MAVREX™ systems can effectively eliminate the need for produced water transport and disposal and freshwater sourcing, allowing operators to save at least 30% and up to 80% on water management costs.


No Recycling

50/50 Freshwater/Recycling

100% Recycled Supply

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*Savings represent typical industry costs. Transport and Storage includes Freshwater Transport, Freshwater Storage, Produced Water Transport and Produced Water Storage.

Acquired in April 2019, Fountain Quail Water Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of XRI.