MAVREX™: Disinfection

Fountain Quail’s MAVREX™ system utilizes the safest and most advanced chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology on the market today.

ClO2 is a selective disinfecting oxidizer that has been used in various industries in the United States for more than 70 years and for more than 20 years in the oilfield. Environmentally friendly and EPA-approved, ClO2 is extremely effective with a rapid kill rate and low dose ratio. It is effective across a broad range of bacteria, fungi, biofilms and viruses and is less corrosive than chlorine (bleach).

The Process

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  • Water enters the trailer through two 8-inch lines (fresh) or one 6-inch line (produced) into the pump room.
  • Water quality is checked and a portion of the water (slipstream) is sent to the ClO2 generator room where ClO2 is added.
  • Water is checked again and returned to the main pump room, where it is blended and discharged to up to eight tanks.
  • There are additional suction and discharge lines to each tank to monitor residual ClO2 and ensure water quality KPIs are maintained.

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MAVREX™ Objective

  • High rate bacteria disinfection for frac supply water.
  • Ability to penetrate and remove biofilm in pipelines, tanks and pits.
  • Continuous monitoring of ClO2 residual in treated water.

MAVREX Specifications

  • Feed rates up to 340 bpm.
  • Single 53' mobile trailer with redundant ClO2 generators.
  • Installation: Mobile, on wheels. Setup for short-term use during frac.