ROVER™: Chemical

The ROVER™ family of treatment solutions broadly involve chemical flocculation and solids removal in an automated, adaptable treatment platform. 

The product generated is high-quality clean saltwater that can be reused for frac supply. Fountain Quail Water Management utilizes different individual treatment components within this platform family depending on the project objectives. Decades of experience have taught Fountain Quail how to customize ROVER solutions that meet our customer’s specific needs at the lowest possible cost. Configurations range from 35,000bpd to over 100,000bpd.

Competitive Technologies

ROVER™ Objective

  • pH neutral crystal clear, clean brine for frac reuse.
  • TSS removal, iron removal, bacteria removal, nutrient removal to prevent bacteria growth and sludge formation.
  • On-board solids handling.

ROVER™ Specifications

  • Capacity: 35,000bpd minimum
  • Continuous KPI performance monitoring.
  • Installation: Modular, semi-permanent. Intended for longer-term projects (6+ months).​